Freitag, 25.02.2011

Feuer (2)

Jack Elam, Cattle Queen of Montana (1954, Allan Dwan)

„Douglas Fairbanks made a film called The Habit of Happiness (1916, Allan Dwan) which revolved round the theory of the hero that all human misery could be cured with laughter. One scene showed Fairbanks in a flop-house on Skid Row telling jokes to the derelicts. The extras playing these outcasts were in fact real derelicts whom Fairbanks had bussed up to the studio from the nearest Skid Row and all his attempts to make them laugh with straight humour were failures. Risque stories produced some slight reaction, true blue ones provoked smiles, but only when Fairbanks plumbed the depths of obscenity and profane language was he rewarded with the gales of laughter demanded by the story line. When the letters of complaint started to come in from lip-readers, the shots of Doug as raconteur had to be redone with innocuous dialogue and intercut with the footage of the derelicts‘ response.“ (Patrick Robertson: The Guiness Book of Film Facts And Feats, 1980)

Douglas Fairbanks, The Habit of Happiness (1916, Allan Dwan)

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