Freitag, 13.11.2015

Paul Sharits

»Paul Sharits, July 8 [1982]: shot with a shotgun in the doorway of some dingy Buffalo bar. Mistaken identity, the mistook him for somebody else. Spleen removed.
Paul Sharits, 1981: went to a friend’s house. Couldn’t remember where his friend hid the key, tried to get into the house through the roof window. Fell down. Broke his pelvis.
Paul Sharits, 1980: stabbed in Buffalo bar, during an argument with a stranger. I was with Paul in a New York bar once when he turned to a young woman who was there with a man and he said, „Why are you with that guy? Have a drink with me.“ The woman ignored him. That time he was lucky.


Paul Sharits, 1990: smoke was noticed in Anthology’s lobby. Manager called the Fire Department. The smoke was coming from the toilet room. There was Paul Sharits with a fire thrower in his hands and a young woman in strange garb. Paul was burning holes in her dress. He had decided to become a fashion designer. He was producing his first dress.«

[Jonas Mekas: Anecdotes from the Life of Paul Sharits… As Far as I Remember]

– veröffentlicht in PAUL SHARITS, dem imposanten, 2642 g schweren, jetzt erschienenen „Katalog und Werkverzeichnis“, hg. von Susanne Pfeffer, London: Koenig Books / Friedericianum 2015

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