Montag, 30.01.2012

Claire Denis als Extra bei LES QUATRE NUITS D’UN REVEUR

Notizen – Claire Denis berichtete über ihre Woche als Statistin bei Bressons Dreharbeiten von LES 4 NUITS D’UN REVEUR am 29.1.2012 im Harvard Film Archive

When she was entering film school, Bresson was there like an obscure planet. On the set he was intimidating, not only mysterious. He used to position people by grabbing them at their neck, walking them like animals. He was very good looking, like a prince from the Italian renaissance.
Denis admired the heroine (Isabelle Weingarten), impressed by the perfection of her white skin and the shiny black hair. Nobody was allowed to speak directly to Bresson, exception Mylène (van der Mersch/ assistant dir). Mostly they were only whispering on the set, full of respect of the director – for her taste a little too much respect.
LES QUATRE NUITS D’UN REVEUR seemed for her like from another age, later she identified much more with LE DIABLE PROBABLEMENT, that represented her generation much better.

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